10 Scholarships to study in Germany

Admit Abroad - 10 Scholarships to study in Germany

Table of contents:

1. Ontario Graduate Scholarship

2. PEO International Peace Scholarship

3. Global Study Awards

4. Inlaks Scholarship

5. KC Mahindra Scholarship

6. The Aga Khan International Scholarship Program

7. National Overseas Scholarship Scheme

8. Education Future International Scholarship

9. Narotam Sekhsaria Scholarship

10. Insightful Scholarship

Germany is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations to study abroad. In 2022 – 30,000 Indian students went to Germany to study. The primary reasons why Indian students choose Germany are:

  • Extremely low cost of education – most public universities charge Rs 1 -2 lakhs for the Masters program

  • Acceptance of three-year Indian Undergraduate Degrees for Masters Programs

  • High quality of education

  • Great job opportunities after graduation

  • Easy pathway to immigration after graduation

Having said that, the living cost in Germany can range between Rs 9 – Rs 12 lakhs per year. Covering this cost can be a challenge for students.

Fortunately, there are numerous scholarships available to Indian students. In this article we will highlight 10 scholarships available to Indian students who want to study in Germany.

1. Baden Wurttemburg Scholarship

This scholarship program offers funding of between EUR 600 – 1400 monthly for students who pursue their education in the German province of Baden Wurteemburg. This scholarship is applicable to undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level students. For more information and to apply, click here.

2.Federal Ministry of Education & Research Scholarship

Awardees are given EUR 300 monthly. This scholarship is only for students admitted to universities – not Universities of Applied Sciences. Students are selected based on academic standing. For details click here

3.Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students who have demonstrated a commitment to social democracy. The scholarship amount for undergraduate students is EUR 830 per month and EUR 850 for postgraduate students. Applicants must know German at the C1 level to be considered for this scholarship. For additional information, click here.

4. EPOS Scholarship

For this scholarship, students must have at least two years of work experience and must hold a B1 level in German. The scholarship amount ranges between EUR 934 (for post graduate students) to EUR 1200 (for PhD students) monthly. Students can apply and get more information here.

5. DLR – DAAR Research Fellowship

This fellowship is given to students who have proven exceptional research capability. If awarded, students get between EUR 934 – Eur 2760 monthly. To apply, click here.

6. Erasmus+ Scholarship

Students who are in the second year of their study at an institution which is a part of the Erasmus+ program can participate in this scholarship. The scholarship covers all tuition, library, laboratory and examination fees but does not cover living expenses. You can know more by clicking here.

7. German Academic Foundation Scholarship

Students who are awarded this scholarship are given a sum of EUR 300 plus a grant. The amount of the grant depends on the student’s income. Typically, students who are in the top 5% – 10% of their class are awarded this scholarship. For more information, click here.

8. Konrad Adenauer Stiftung International Scholarship

Through this scholarship, masters students are awarded EUR 861 per month and PhD students are awarded EUR 1200 per month. To be selected, students should have strong academics, know German at the B2 level and should have demonstrated commitment to democracy and human rights. To apply, click here.

9. Max Weber Program

This scholarships is actually provided as an interest free loan for students. The scholarship amount given is upto Rs 20 lakhs. This is a merit based scholarship and is generally awarded to students who secure admits to top universities. To know more about the scholarship, click here.

10. KC Mahindra Scholarship

This scholarship is provided by the Mahindra trust. Scholars are awarded Rs 5 lakhs – Rs 10 lakhs towards their education in Germany. Candidates should have secured at least a first class in their undergraduate degree. You can apply for the scholarship here.

Students should note that most of these scholarships are meant for students who have exceptional merit. As a general rule, students should prepare the following documents to apply for the scholarship:

  •  Dalhousie University

  •  University of British Columbia

  •  IELTS score (at least band 7)

  •  One to Two Page Resume

  •  A Statement of Purpose

  •  2-3 Letters of Recommendation

  •  A portfolio of work (for arts / architecture programs)

There are several additional scholarships available to students to study in Germany. For more information or help with the scholarship application – feel free to contact us.