Applying to Universities

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Once you’ve shortlisted universities and programs to apply to, the next step is to apply to universities. Only those students who tell their story effectively through the multiple documents (SOPs, LORs and Resumes) they submit get admission offers.

Succeeding at this requires thorough planning, attention to detail, the ability to show that you are a good “fit” for the university and experience in what to write and what not to. AdmitAbroad helps students in all these areas to make the process hassle free. We help students every step of the way as described below:

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1. SOP / Essay Writing

An SOP (Statement of Purpose) is an essay through which universities understand your motivation for your chosen career path and goals. Your AdmitAbroad counselor will work extensively with you draft the perfect SOP. Our customized approach will effectively communicate why you wish to pursue a certain program, why you are a good fit for a particular university, what you’ve done so far to prepare yourself for the program and how the program ties in to your long term career goals.

2. Getting LORs

A Letter of Recommendation provides universities with an independent assessment of your academic or work experience. To get a strong Letter of Recommendation, students should identify the right people and communicate their career goals and strengths effectively to them. We help students by providing detailed checklists and templates that include how to approach a recommender for a recommendation and information to provide them with. We also train students on how they can condition their recommender to get a strong recommendation.

3. Resume Drafting

Your resume serves as a snapshot of your academic and / or work achievements. If it doesn’t impress the admissions committee in the first 10 seconds, it won’t get read at all. We help students craft a crisp and impressive resume by helping them structure and quantify their achievements. We also provide a list of 100 impact words which are used by our students in their resume and help them stand out from other applicants.

4. Application Checking

Once we have assisted you with creating the SOP, LORs and Resume; our counselors will check each document for its’ content, structure, grammar and spelling. After uploading these documents to the university application portal we will also help you fill all other sections such as the transcripts, test scores, personal information and the special skills section. For a few of these sections, additional effort is required. For example, some universities require students to get their transcripts evaluated from companies like WES. Your AdmitAbroad counselor will also assist you with all such work.

5. Selecting the Right Offer

Our students generally receive multiple offers. The challenge then is to select the best one. We analyze each offer and suggest the best one for students to accept based on the program ranking, curriculum, return on investment and fit with the student’s long term objectives.

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A.P. Shah Institute of Technology 

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Vidyalankar Institute of Technology