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Australia as a study destination is gaining a lot of prominences. The engineering management course entails the application of Engineering and Management in an integrated manner. Globally this course is quite popular as it employs the problem-solving capacity of Engineering and management organizational skills. As the name itself suggests, Engineering management is a management course where technical projects are created and delivered. A master’s in Engineering Management from Australia will teach students skills like Systems Engineering and Quality management. If all information has piqued your interest, here are the best Universities in Australia for Engineering management.


Details of Engineering Management course in Australia


Engineers who wish to pursue a MEM degree in Australia have multiple options that they can choose. Even top-ranking Universities in Australia offer this course. Some features of the course are:

  • This is a professional course entitled for Engineers who want to gain managerial skills
  • The duration of an average MEM course alters between 1-2 years. The full-time course is usually for one year while a part-time course is for two years.
  • Most of the specializations offered are managerial, e.g., marketing, operations, finance, etc.
  • All the universities accept the IELTS source while approving the application
  • Placement is very good, with starting packages from AUD 80,000

Why choose Australia for your Master of Engineering Management course

Most of the globally ranked Universities in Australia offer MEM courses. They rank high globally because of the quality of education provided. Some criteria why students trust Australia for higher engineering and management studies are:

  • Sophisticated infrastructure
  • Enticing job packages
  • High-end living standards
  • Scope for global placements
  • Variety of job possibilities


Universities offering Engineering Management courses in Australia


MEM Melbourne

One of the best MEM courses in Australia is offered by the University of Melbourne. The duration of the course remains one year. This course has been designed as per the latest industry standards. It gives the students a chance to develop their leadership skills and handle engineering projects.

Course Fee – AUD 48,200 (INR 26 Lakhs per year)

Duration – 1 year

Entry requirements – 4-year engineering degree with 65% plus marks. Or 3-year undergraduate degree with 65% marks and 2 years of work experience

Accepted English Language Exams – TOEFL, IELTS, PTE


University of Technology Sydney

UTS offers a technology-based course for those who want to do well in a technical yet leadership role. It also helps the students to merge their technical and business acumen. The course is suitable for engineers, technical specialists, and non-technical students.

Duration – 1 year

Fees – AUD 63,144 (INR 34 Lakhs per year)

Entry requirements – Any related bachelor’s degree

Accepted English Language Exams – IELTS-7.5, TOEFL, IBT- 109. PTE Academic – 78


RMIT Engineering Australia

RMIT is focused on teaching students how to design a business plan and improve the productivity of a technology-based organization. 

Duration – 1 year

Fees – AUD 42,400 (INR 23 lakhs per year)

Entry requirements – A bachelor’s degree either in Engineering or technology. GPA requirement of 2.0 out of 4.0. 2 years of relevant work experience

Accepted English Language Exams – IELTS-6.5, TOEFL IBT-86


University of South Australia Engineering Management

In this course, students worldwide get in-depth knowledge of automation, operations, project management, resource planning, etc.

Duration – 1 year

Fees – AUD 38,000 (INR 21 Lakhs per year)

Entry requirements – Bachelor’s degree in technology or science. Graduate diploma in engineering from any reputed organization.

Accepted English Language Exams – IELTS -6.5


Torrens University

The course is aimed at students with a science or engineering technology background. It helps in learning the basics of teamwork and tricks of applying management principles.

Duration – 2 years

Fees – AUD 28,480 (INR 15.4 lakhs per year)

Entry requirements – Australian bachelor’s degree or equivalent to it.

Accepted English Language Exams – IELTS- 6.0, TOEFL -IBT-60-78, PTE-50


University of Wollongong

The University of Wollongong offers professional courses for Engineers. It helps them enter high-paying management jobs. The students develop practical skills and applied competencies that are required for corporate success.

Duration – 2 Years

Fees – AUD 37,536 (INR 20 Lakhs per year)

Entry requirements – Bachelors or Masters’s degree from any prestigious organization. The minimum credit average should be 65%.

Accepted English Language Exams – IELTS-6.5, TOEFL IBT-86, PTE- 62


Edith Cowan University

This course works at developing skilled global managers and leaders for international scope. The students learn how to apply their technical and critical thinking skills to solve all the business problems. 

Duration – 2 years

Fees – AUD 32,350 (INR, 17.5 Lakhs per year)

Entry requirements – Bachelor’s degree with five years of work experience in a related field

Accepted English Language Exams – IELTS- 6.5, PTE 58, TOEFL-84


Educo Southern Cross University

The course aims at giving the students a benchmark to become skillful in management and leadership. Industry experts equip students with hands-on experience in dealing with challenging workplace solutions.

Duration – 2 years

Fees – AUD 34,400 (INR 18.4 Lakhs per year)

Entry requirements – Bachelor’s degree in relevant field with 55% average

Accepted English Language Exams – IELTS – 6.5


University of South Australia

The course here teaches the basics of engineering management and also how you can apply them to areas like project management, supply chain management, operation management, etc. The focus remains on developing the research skills and using them to create a thesis.

Duration – 2 years

Fees – AUD 38,000 (INR 21 Lakhs per year)

Entry requirements – Completed an Undergraduate degree from a prestigious college

Accepted English Language Exams  – IELTS- 6.5, PTE 58, TOEFL IBT 79


How to apply for MEM course at any University


If you are interested in pursuing a MEM course in Australia, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the official website of the Universities
  • Look for the application link for international students
  • Check all the programs available and their details
  • Find out the tuition fees and scholarships
  • Find out the university and program that best suits your interest
  • Fill out the application thoroughly and upload the appropriate documents
  • Submit the application
  • Once you receive the acceptance letter, you can apply for Visa.

Documents required to apply for the course


You will need the following documents to apply for the MEM course in Australia:

  • Transcripts of previous exam certificates and degrees
  • Completion certificates of Graduation
  • Complete CV
  • Australian Student VISA
  • Documents that certify English language proficiency tests

Careers and jobs after MEM


Accomplishing a MEM degree in Australia is a matter of prestige. Students opting for this course get placed all over the world. Read on to know the top career and jobs you could pursue after a MEM degree from Australia.

  1. Project Engineer – This is the post where you have to overview the technical staff when they are working on Engineering projects. The responsibilities include managing efficiency in the task and ensuring communication between staff and the Manager.

Pay offered – AUD 120,000 per year

  1. Project manager – He is the person who has to take care of the planning and execution of any project. Such people do not directly take part in the making of the project. However, they try to maintain the interaction between workers.

Pay offered – AUD 125,000 per year

  1. Cost/System Analyst – This is the person who will analyze the costs of the company and tell the management to assist in decision making and control. 

Pay offered – (Highest) AUD 152,000 per year 

  1. Operations Manager – The operations manager designs and control all production process and help in redesigning the business operations as well.

Pay offered – AUD 120,000 per year

  1. Application engineer – An application manager works to improve the client’s software programs and systems. His job could include the creation of new software structures, hardware components, etc.

Pay offered – AUD 110,000 per year

  1. Technical manager – A technical manager should have sufficient managerial and technical skills. 

Pay offered – AUD 105,000 per year


  1. Structural Engineer – The structural engineer designs, plans, and builds all construction projects. Before the actual building begins, the structural engineer will calculate the weight of various structural elements.

Pay offered – AUD 80,000- 110,000 per year

  1. Automation engineer – Like process engineers, automation engineers take care of all the methods and apparatus associated with automation.  These people actually work on software programs than manufacturing equipment.

Pay offered – AUD 135,000 per year

  1. Engineering project manager – This is a project manager who is more focused on handling engineering systems and equipment. 

Pay offered – AUD 124,000 per year

  1. Hardware manager – Also known as a computer hardware engineer, he studies, develops, tests, and monitors the devices that are related to systems and hardware.

Pay offered – AUD 142,000 per year

Summing up


A MEM degree from Australia opens new vistas of growth for any student. However, these courses have stringent guidelines, and adherence to the same is mandatory. If the course interests you, we at Admit Abroad would help you grab a seat in any of the reputed Universities. From the paperwork to the course framework, we will show you how to apply for the course successfully. Get in touch with us and let our valuable consultants show you how to proceed. With our passionate guidance, you will soon be achieving the success you aim to get.

Our hope is that this article gave you an overview of the Best Universities in Australia for Engineering Management for those who wish to study in Australia. If you do have any further queries or questions, do reach out to our experts and get your study abroad journey started today.