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Best Universities in Canada for CS • AdmitAbroad

Best Universities in Canada for CS

Admit Abroad - Best Universities in Canada for CS

Over the last few decades, computer science has become increasingly popular as a career choice. A degree in Computer Science is ideal for you if you want to master everything from basic programming tasks to creating and introducing new revolutionary programs. And if you’re considering pursuing a career in computer science, I can assure you that Canada is a viable alternative.

The popularity of Canada among overseas students is due to its friendliness, natural wilderness, and world-class universities. Canada’s programs are noted for their research-based curriculum. Canada’s IT industry is relatively stable, making it an excellent place to pursue a Computer Science degree.

Benefits of studying computer science in Canada

Canada is known for having some of the world’s best universities, with a long history of outstanding academic achievements and high graduate employability rates. Here are a few of the most compelling reasons to visit Canada:

  • Admission to Canadian universities is straightforward.
  • In comparison to other nations, obtaining a student visa is quite simple.
  • The computer science program has a strong theoretical foundation and is up to date with current industry trends.
  • You will be required to learn disciplines such as mathematics, statistics, engineering, and business, among
    others, in addition to the core subject.

How do you pick the best university?

It’s crucial to keep a few things in mind when picking the proper university for your higher education. These are they:

  • Examine the university’s ranking.
  • Look for accreditations from other countries.
  • Go over the curriculum thoroughly.
  • The university’s infrastructure should be adequate.
  • The teaching faculty should be qualified, which may be verified by looking up their credentials.
  • University placement opportunities and job prospects in the city
  • Studying costs and subsidies are available.

Best Universities in Canada for Computer Science along with the rankings:

In the QS News Ranking, 26 best universities in Canada that offer an undergraduate degree in computer science were listed among the top 1000 institutions. According to QS News and Times Higher Education’s rankings, the top Canadian universities offering a bachelor’s degree in computer science are as follows:

Serial Number University QS Ranking THE Ranking
1 University of Toronto 11 23
2 University of Waterloo 22 40
3 University of British Columbia 28 43
4 University of Montreal 51-100 31
5 University of Alberta 101-150 101-125
6 Simon Fraser University 101-150 251-300
7 Queen’s University at Kingston 151-200 251-300
8 McMaster University 201-250 101-125
9 University of Ottawa 201-250 176-200

The following are the best universities in Canada that offer an undergraduate degree in Computer Science, according to the Ranking:

University of Toronto:

One of Canada’s most prestigious universities,the University of Toronto offers an undergraduate degree in computer science on all three of its campuses. Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science Honours degree at this university can major, minor, or specialize in computer science. UofT’s Scarborough campus also offers a co-op computer science program.

University of Waterloo:

One of the greatest study locations for computer science is the University of Waterloo, which offers over 70 courses taught by over 80 professors. Its co-op program permits students to work in a paid internship for two years. More than 800 spin-off firms have been founded by professors and graduates of the university’s computer science department.

University of British Columbia:

UBC offers a four-year BS in Computer Science with honors and co-op options. The University of British Columbia offers a Computer Science program on both its Vancouver and Okanagan campuses.

University of Alberta:

If you pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer science at UAlberta, you can apply for a science internship program in your third year of study. This not only allows you to get experience in the area, but it also allows you to make money. A bachelor’s degree in computer science with a concentration, honors, or general degree is available to students.

University of Montreal:

The University of Montreal offers
computer science as a major and minor, as well as cross-disciplinary degrees such as a Bachelor’s in Bioinformatics,
a Bachelor’s in Mathematics and Computer Science, and a Bachelor’s in Physics and Computer Science. However, because
this university’s whole curriculum is taught in French, you should only attend if you are fluent in the language.


The requirements for admission differ by university, however, you will need the following in general:

  • For the diploma, you must have completed higher secondary school and have a strong IELTS score.
  • A minimum of 12 years of formal schooling and a strong IELTS score are required for undergraduate courses.
  • For the Master’s/Postgraduate Diploma Program: A computer science certificate and an undergraduate degree from a recognized university. A solid IELTS score and prior job experience may be required by a few universities/colleges.
  • International students must pass IELTS with a minimum score of 6.0 or 6.5 to demonstrate their ability to manage in Canada.

How to Apply for Computer Science Bachelors in Canada?

Almost all of Canada’s top colleges offer a bachelor’s degree in computer science, with slightly differing admissions methods. To be eligible for admission, however, mathematics must be taken as an obligatory subject in senior secondary school.

Where to Apply:

Each university has its own application mechanism via which undergraduate applications are accepted. Some Quebec, Ontario, and Alberta institutes may accept applications through the SRAM, OUAC, and ApplyAlberta portals, respectively.

International Student Admissions Requirements:

The general criteria for a bachelor’s degree in computer science in Canada are as follows:

  • Senior secondary school graduation (minimum grade requirement varies with the university)
  • Mathematics is one of the required subjects in senior secondary school; however, some colleges may demand extra disciplines such as Physics, English, and Chemistry.
  • Official high school and senior secondary school transcripts
  • Official documents are translated into English.
  • Proof of proficiency in English or French

Requirements for Language Proficiency: The majority of Canadian institutions and colleges offer bachelor’s degrees in computer science in English. As a result, international students must demonstrate proficiency in the language. As confirmation of English proficiency, IELTS or TOEFL scores can be submitted. For undergraduate admission to top Canadian universities, the minimum eligibility score is:

  • TOEFL: 90 to 100
  • IELTS: 6.5

Tuition and Living Costs for Computer Science in Canada:

Simon Fraser University, placed 101-150 in QS News’ 2020 edition ranking, has the lowest yearly tuition fee of 14,990 USD among the top-ranked universities. The annual price for a bachelor’s degree in computer science at the University of Toronto, which is ranked first by both QS News and Times Higher Education, is 42,430 USD. Students interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science in Canada must pay for books and materials, as well as housing, transportation, and other expenses. Around 918 USD was spent on books and supplies. Other expenses, such as living costs in Canada, vary by province. As a result, students should consider all costs before applying to a university or college.

Best career choices

While studying Computer Science in Canada, you will gain not just technical abilities such as programming, but also non-technical skills such as problem-solving and leadership traits. Computer graduates can find work in a variety of fields, including software, healthcare, communications, finance, and even government. A computer science graduate can readily fit into the following positions:

  • Software developer
  • Game creator
  • Analysts of information security
  • Web designer
  • Programmer in finance
  • Analyst for systems
  • Consultant in information technology
  • Manager of Products
  • Consultant in cyber-security


In a nutshell, studying computer science in Canada is a wise idea. Canada is not only advancing in IT but its programs are also known for their research-based curriculum. Canada’s popularity among international students is also attributable to its friendliness, natural beauty, and world-class colleges. However, additional variables such as cost, eligibility, top colleges, and other things should be considered before making a decision. Although Canada has a lot to offer and is a great place to start a computer science career. So make a decision and prepare to begin a new life.

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