GRE Preparation

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a conducted by the ETS and is the most widely accepted standardized test for graduate level programs in the world. Thousands of universities accept the GRE score for admissions to programs across domains like engineering, law and business. Each year, approximately 6 lakh students take the test. This test is computer based, section wise adaptive and tests students on their verbal and quantitative abilities.

Who should take the GRE?

The GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is an online, computer based test conducted by ETS. This test features question types that closely reflect the type of thinking that students will need to do in postgraduate programs. For this reason, top universities across the world require students to take the GRE when applying for their postgraduate programs. Even though there are several universities do not need students to take the GRE when applying for their programs; cracking the GRE will help students secure scholarships in such universities.

How important is a good GRE score?

Frankly, this depends on the university that a student applies too. Top universities (like Carnegie Mellon, MIT, Stanford etc.) generally admit students who have a score above 320. Some universities weigh the quant part of the GRE score more than the verbal part, while others might use the GRE score as a tie-breaker. However, if students want the flexibility to apply to top schools and get scholarships, they should aim to get more than 320.

What the GRE tests?

The GRE tests a student’s Verbal, Quantitative and Analytical Writing skills. The syllabus of each section is given below:

1. Quantitative Reasoning

Number Systems
Percentages, Profit and Loss
Simple and Compound Interest
Ratio and Proportions
Time and Work
Speed, Distance and Time
Averages, Mixtures and Allegations
Simple and Quadratic Equations

Sequences and Series
Functions and Graphs of Functions
2 Dimensional Geometry
Coordinate Geometry
Permutations and Combinations
Data Interpretation

2. Verbal Reasoning

Reading Comprehension
Text Completion
Sentence Equivalence

3. Analytical Writing Assessment

Analysis of an Issue
Analysis of an Argument

Paper and Scoring Pattern

MeasureNumber of QuestionsTimeRange
Analytical Writing Assessment 2 Tasks30 mins per task0-6
Quantitative Reasoning (2 Sections) 20 Per Section 35 mins per section130-170
Verbal Reasoning (2 Sections) 20 Per Section30 mins per section130-170
Unscored / Research VariesVariesNot Scored


Q. What is the Fees of the Test
A. The GRE test fees is $205 for Indian Students

Q. How often you can I take the test
A. You can take the test in the gap of 21 days in a year

Q What is the Duration of the test
A. The test is 3 hrs and 45 Minutes

Q. How Long the scores are valid?
A. Scores are valid for 5 Years

Q. How can I report score to universities
A. While you register for the test you get 4 University options to report your score free of cost. Any additional score reporting through ETS website will be charged $27 per university

Q. If I take the test more than once, which score is considered?
A. This depends on the universities. Some will take the latest score, others will take the average of scores but most will take the best of the scores

How we’ll help you crack the GRE

Learn from the Best

Every course instructor that teaches with us undergoes a multi-step process for selection. Only 2% of faculty who apply are actually selected! Our teachers know how to raise scores. Yours is next!

Personalized Coaching

We know that each student learns best when they interact with teachers. For this reason, we’ve kept our batch sizes small (less than 30 students). This allows the course instructor to provide personalized attention to each student.

Flexible Schedule

We have designed our program to be modular. This means that students can join our program whenever it’s convenient to them and can accelerate or delay completion of their program based on their needs.

Special Vocabulary Building Classes

AdmitAbroad conducts special vocabulary building classes. In these sessions, students are taught techniques to remember words and their meanings. This forms the basis of their Verbal Reasoning section preparation.

All the Study Material You Need

We provide all the study material that you need to crack the GRE. This includes the complete set of 3 ETS official GRE books, classwork problem solving books, vocabulary lists and video lectures. The entire study material contains 3,000+ GRE level problems.

Topic and Subject Wise Tests and Assignments

We regularly conduct topic wise and subject wise tests to check the extent to which students are prepared. We also provide students with topic wise online assignments that provide detailed insights on how they can improve their score.

Adaptive Full Length Tests

At the end of the program, AdmitAbroad offers 6 adaptive tests on an online platform that closely mimics the GRE in terms of the question level and user interface. These tests remove the anxiety that students commonly face on the test day.

Doubt Solving Sessions

We conduct doubt solving sessions for specifically for those topics in which they perform poorly. Such topics are identified on the basis of their test and assignment scores. These sessions have proven instrumental in improving final GRE scores.


Aniruddha Mallick

326 / 340

Hitesh Jethwani


Riddhi Hakani

321 / 340

Prarthana Mohanty

320 / 340

Rahul Bhope


Sonal Singh


Upcoming Batches

COVID-19 Advisory: Due to the prevailing COVID situation, AdmitAbroad has decided to move all upcoming batches to an online mode till further notice.

Mode Batch Batch Start Days Timing Fee
Online GRE + TOEFL / IELTS 19th March 2023 SunSat : 6pm to 8pm
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