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How to build your profile and have teachers vouch for you in 6 months • AdmitAbroad

How to build your profile and have teachers vouch for you in 6 months

The Letter of Recommendation is an important part of your application that your teachers forward to the university. To get a great recommendation, your teachers must be able to truly vouch for you. This is more likely to happen when you stand out among your peers and when you have built a good rapport with your professors.

This article explores what you can do as a student to get teachers to recommend you. By focusing on the points mentioned in this blog post, we guarantee that you’ll build yourself a stellar profile and that teachers will be proud to recommend you to universities.

Here are a few things you should focus on to build an impactful profile within 6 months:

  1. Code of Conduct (Attendance, behavior, active class participation)

The way you carry yourself always has an impact on your environment be it your workplace or college. It is important to leave an impression on your colleagues or teachers for them to vouch for you.

  • Attendance: Regularity is a preferred trait at every organization. In addition to that, being punctual speaks volumes about the kind of individual you are. And anyone with both these values will be looked up to, so this is how you could start this process.
  • Body language: Respect for your parents, teachers, fellow workers must exude from the way you speak, dress and walk.  Your body language contributes a total of 55% in communicating a message.
  • Participation: Make it a point to actively participate in class discussions by contributing intelligently, focusing the group’s discussion and questioning when necessary. Raise your hand when in doubt and voice out your opinion respectfully. Making yourself heard goes a long way to prove to faculty that you help enrich the learning experience for the entire class
  1. Maintain your grades: Candidates with a good and consistent academic record are favored over others in most cases. This is because good academics are indicative of sincerity and persistence. These qualities are highly sought by universities abroad.
  • A good record doesn’t necessarily have to be a show of record-breaking scores. A trend of consistently increasing grades will serve the purpose in most cases.
  • Focusing on the basics of your domain has an advantage of its own. Instead of rote-learning, make it a point to understand every topic taken in class. Visit the library to brush up on the topics taken in the yester years. A little attention paid in class now, could take you a long way in the future. This not only will help you improve grades, but will orient you to the way students study abroad too
  1. Internships: If you’re reading this blog during your vacation, make sure you intern at some place. If you’re interning at an organization that is inclined with your domain of interest then it will serve as an added advantage. Having said that, any sort of experience is always given an upper hand when compared to a fresher.
  1. Technical paper presentations: There are several technical paper presentation seminars conducted by every college. Enroll yourself for IEEE and CSI seminars among others and select a research paper topic and get to work. If you’re afraid to do it alone, form a group of 2 or more people and present them as a collective. This will boost the overall look of the profile. If you can, get your paper published in any nationally / internationally recognized scientific journal – this will do absolute wonders to the strength of your application.
  1. Participation in Technical Competitions:  Practical application of a subject is the only skillset the industry seeks. Participating in technical competitions is crucial to honing this skill. This experience will teach you to perform in the “real world” and will increase your exposure several technological platforms / standards that are actually used in the industry.
  1. Digital certifications: If you think you’re running out of time to join a class or even apply for internships, don’t worry. The internet has all kinds of solutions for you! Register for an online class in your domain and complete the course. Preferably, do a certificate course from an internationally recognized university. Like most classes you will have to pay for this too, but the payoff far outstrips the fee.
  1. Participate in College Events: An All-rounder is not someone who is good just at academics, but someone who participates in as many co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Do not refrain from being a part of any college event. Campaign for student council elections and participate in any event you like – there’s not downside; at the very least you’ll get a participation certificate!
  1. Go the extra mile: For those of you who want to get into the best universities, doing the bare minimum is not an option. Push yourself to be better every day and go above and beyond the scope of any task given to you. Make to-do lists and beat deadlines for all tasks. You might encounter some stress, but managing it is a part of the learning process too! Afterall, the best universities abroad will push you too! Stay motivated and focused.

In addition to the above, be sure to communicate your final goal of studying abroad to your faculty members at college and approach them well in advance. That will give them enough time to work with you and give you a great recommendation.

Now the ball is in your court, do you want to be another face in the crowd or grab the opportunity standing in front of you and make the most of it?

To know more about how we can help you in the admissions process, just leave your details in the enquiry form on this page and we’ll get back to you soon!