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Premium business insights help businesses stay ahead of their biggest competitors. And they all pay top dollars to hire the best business analysts to guarantee the health of their business and maintain their position in the market.

If you love to analyze data and think deeply, a career in business analytics is a fulfilling one. Getting an MSc in business analytics in the USA gives you a competitive advantage over your peers. This would prepare you for a promising career in fields like machine learning, project management, and so on.

Scope of US MS Business Analytics Programs

Business analytics is the practice of studying businesses to acquire data for science-backed interpretations to make evidence-based and fact-based conclusions. These conclusions help businesses thrive and there are a couple of specialization courses in most top-ranking MS business analytics programs.

The program you sign up for as well as the chosen school needs to have certain courses that align with your intended career path. For example, an MS student in business analytics looking to enter a career in marketing may want to take courses relevant to marketing. The same applies to people looking to become consultants or project managers.

Some of the main courses in MS business analytics programs include:

  • Data storytelling
  • Communication
  • Analytics
  • Data communication
  • Application of analytics
  • Project management
  • Strategic management
  • Data science
  • Machine learning

The curriculum for this program differs from school to school but the above courses are covered in most programs.


Eligibility For MS Business Analytics


All top-performing schools that offer these programs are highly selective and getting an admission requires a lot. Admission is quite competitive as the best students apply in huge numbers yearly.

Some schools have additional requirements but the following are basic requirements for a majority of schools.

  • A recognized and accredited bachelor’s degree in any field or related fields.
  • A GPA of 4.00 on a scale of 5 or 3.00 on a scale of 4
  • A high English test result score, either TOEFL or IELTS
  • A high GMAT assessment score or GRE score


Graduates from a variety of fields are welcome to apply for these courses but a little background in science or science-related programs helps. Though not all schools have such lenient entry requirements. Some schools require that all applicants have backgrounds in science and maths.

The GMAT, graduate management admission test score, or GRE test score are not demanded by all schools. If that would be a hassle, you can settle for schools that do not have such requirements.

The program in most cases lasts 12-18 months and sometimes 24 months. Also, unlike most MBA degrees and other master’s programs, the MS in business analytics degree rarely comes with the requirement for work experience.

And, you do not need to learn to code but having the skill could be helpful as most programs involve a sizable number of programming and programming-related courses.

Average Fees and Tuition for Masters In Business Analytics Programs In The US


The fees for this program vary for the different schools. You can find a program that requires under $4,000 per year and some that go as high as $80,000 and above per year. The quality and standard of learning offered are almost at par. However, some colleges are accorded more prestige than others.

Your choice of school will be based on your interests. Are you seeking a completely online degree or an on-campus degree? What’s your education budget? What areas in the US are you comfortable living in? And lastly, can you meet the requirements?


Top Universities Offering MS In Business Analytics In The US


  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is not just one of the best universities in the world but it’s home to some of the most learned professionals and researchers from all walks of life. The business analytics department is designed to help you cater to the emerging data needs in the world. It spans a period of just one year and promises to be fulfilling.

  • Anderson School of Management, University of California

This MSBA program is extensive and practical. Students learn the needed concepts with the aid of projects and real-life problems. It is STEM-based and the curriculum extends through fields like finance, human resources, marketing, and operations. The skills gained will aid you in using data for optimizations, and business strategies as well as soft skills like communication, problem-solving, and consulting.

  • University of California, Davis

The master’s of business analytics program at UC, Davis is a one-year program. It equips its students with hands-on experience to function efficiently and confidently. If you are looking to make awesome connections while learning in a conducive environment, UC, Davis is a nice choice. It is also said that graduates stand a 90% chance of getting a nice job with an average salary of $103,000 within six months of graduation.

  • Arizona State University

The W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University handles the MS in business analytics. It is one of the most expensive on the list but its dishes value is worth the amount paid. There are five openings throughout the year for applications and fees vary based on the student’s current location.

  • Purdue University

Purdue offers a 100% online master’s program to both local and international students. Ranked amongst the best with well-learned professors, you will find it entertaining and educational. Read up their requirements to be sure of what’s needed for applying.

  • University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Carlson school of management in Minnesota remains one of the top-ranking schools. Its graduates based on the performance of Alumni members stand an over 98% chance of getting a great job in 6 months. The program lasts a whole year.

  • University of Texas, Austin

In less than a year, 10 months to be precise, you will be done with a master’s in business analytics and ready to surf the job market if you go with the University of Texas. It not only offers a safe learning environment but allows group projects to enable easy bonding with other students.

Job Opportunities and Career Paths

There are many paths that you can venture into after your degree in business analytics. Most job openings with this title pay a compensation of $80,000 and above but it is not uncommon to find openings that pay lower.

  1. Machine Learning Engineer
  2. Project Manager
  3. Market Research Analyst
  4. Data scientist
  5. Data analyst
  6. Statistician
  7. Management Consultant
  8. Business Intelligence Analyst
  9. Data Engineer



Business analysis involves a lot of science, maths, critical thinking, and open-mindedness. It is an interesting career path for those that are amazed by what it entails. Taking a master’s program in business analytics in a US-based school is a choice that you most likely would not regret. 

Upon graduation, you will possess the necessary hard and soft skills that will enable you to thrive in fast-paced work environments.

Our hope is that this article gave you an overview of the different cheap MS in Business Analytics to those who wish to study in USA. If you do have any further queries or questions, do reach out to our experts and get your study abroad journey started today.