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Admit Abroad - MS in Computer Science in Australia

The world and our lives are being transformed by computers. We’ve been saying it for decades, and we’ll continue to say it since computing technology advances at a breakneck pace.

The Master of Computer Science will provide you with a broad base of high-level knowledge and specialist skills in at least one area of knowledge systems, programming languages and distributed computing, information systems, mathematics/statistics, spatial information science, or linguistics, allowing you to keep up with these advances.

It’s just icing on the cake that you’re doing it from one of the top colleges in the world. If you are planning for masters in Australia for a computer science degree, you can choose from one of the greatest universities in the country.

Reasons to Pursue a Masters in Computer Science in Australia:


  • Australian universities have developed strong relationships with worldwide IT brands and tech behemoths. MS degree holders have 100% placement prospects at these universities. Multinational corporations also employ MS in computer science graduates from prestigious American colleges. This opens up a lot of opportunities for STEM students to pursue a prosperous profession in Australia.
  • International students can choose from a large range of specializations at Australian universities, making it easier to find something that interests them. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, engineering, data science, network, web development, data management, and spatial information technology are all popular specialities. All of these specializations are popular around the world and provide plenty of career prospects.
  • The course takes 1.5 to 2 years to complete. In 1.5 years, international students can obtain their master’s degree.
  • Australia has a lot of funding opportunities. Loans, scholarships, grants, and bursaries are available to defray the expense of education for deserving and needy students. Australia offers both full and partial monetary assistance.
  • There are several chances for research and development. Universities in Australia, in particular, encourage students to collaborate with faculty on research and new ideas by participating in live projects, internships, and research assistant opportunities.
  • International students can feel comfortable in Australia. There are strict legal bodies in place that guarantee complete safety. Australia’s campuses are secure and fully monitored by CCTV to ensure maximum safety.

Australian MS in computer science eligibility criterion:

To be admitted to the MS (Masters of Science) program in computer science, international students must meet specific requirements. A Master’s degree in computer science from an Australian university is recognized and acknowledged throughout the world. There is fierce rivalry, and students must meet MS in computer science in Australia qualifying requirements in order to enroll in one of the best educational institutions.

  • A bachelor’s degree in a related subject such as computer science, engineering, information technology, software, or network engineering is required. Students must complete a four-year full-time bachelor’s degree program with no breaks in their studies. An accredited university or board of study must award the degree.
  • Financial evidence will verify that students have the means to cover tuition and living expenses for at least the first academic year. It will be tough to gain admittance without sufficient financial proof. Students must also present the necessary documentation in order to be considered for scholarships or financial help.
  • In Australia, English language competence tests such as the IELTS and TOEFL are required. Non-native English speakers must take an English proficiency test to demonstrate their language skills. An IELTS score of 6.5 is required of the applicant.
  • In Australian universities, GRE and GMAT scores are required for admission. To gain admission to top-ranked universities, students must take the GRE test. If you have an excellent GPA or prior professional experience in subjects like information technology, computer science, or software, your GRE results may be waived.
  • A high GPA is required by top universities. The minimal GPA required for admission is a 5 on a scale of 7. The competition is fierce, and only those with the highest GPA are eligible for MS in computer science admission.
  • Documentation is a key eligibility criteria for university admission in Australia. Transcripts, passports, certifications, SOPs, and letters of recommendation are all required documents. Documentation is essential for admissions procedures.


Top 10 Universities for Computer Science in Australia

Based on the QS World University Rankings by Subject

Australia Ranking World Ranking Name of Institution Location Fees(In INR)
1 32 The University of Melbourne Melbourne 37 Lakhs
2 40 Australian National University (ANU) Canberra 36.6 Lakhs
3 42 The University of Sydney Sydney 54.1 Lakhs
7= 51-100 Monash University Melbourne 39.2 Lakhs
7= 51-100 The University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney 42.3 Lakhs
7= 51-100 The University of Queensland (UQ) Brisbane 34 Lakhs
7= 51-100 University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Sydney 34.1 Lakhs
10= 101-150 Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Brisbane 30 Lakhs
10= 101-150 RMIT University Melbourne 21.1 Lakhs
10= 101-150 The University of Adelaide Adelaide 32.8 Lakhs



Scholarships for Masters in Australia for Computer Science


If the costs are prohibitively expensive for you, don’t panic; you can still pursue your dream of earning your master’s degree in Australia with the help of scholarships as Australia is a well-known study location for overseas students, both in terms of educational quality and financial support. The majority of students in Australia benefit from the several scholarships available. Both the Australian government and institutions are committed to provide students with the best scholarship opportunities. However, it is critical to understand the scholarship eligibility in order to make the best decisions.


Admission requirements for MS computer science in Australia:


1.Test scores: In Australia, high IELTS or TOEFL scores, as well as GRE and GMAT scores, are required for admission. The application will not be completed without the test results.

2.Completed Application form: A copy of the application form or acknowledgment slip is essential.

3.Statement of purpose: A statement of purpose (SOP) is a one-of-a-kind document that is extremely important in the admissions process. It covers the students’ purpose, goals, and expectations. Students also write about their accomplishments and extracurricular activities in their SOP. This is the most effective technique to persuade the admissions committee that you are the best candidate for the job.

4.Resume: A resume that has been updated is essential. If you have past work experience, you may be able to avoid taking the GRE test. Many Australian colleges require students to have some prior experience.

5.Photographs: Two passport-size pictures are required when applying for MS courses in Australia.

6.Application fee: Students must pay an application fee to each university. The fee payment acknowledgment slip is a crucial document in the application process.

7.Letter of recommendation: A letter of recommendation (LOR) is crucial in determining an applicant’s academic progress, behavior, and skills, as well as whether or not they are qualified for a master’s degree. The university requires a minimum of two letters of recommendation. It should come from former co-workers or professors.


Career scope after MS in computer science in Australia

A master’s degree in computer science can lead to a variety of job prospects. Applicants can pick for several work opportunities in different fields. The bulk of MS applicants choose top global IT brands and tech giants after completing course work. After earning an MS and a PhD in computer science, students might pursue a career in academic research and development. For technical background students, the Australian job market offers considerable and profitable work prospects. Following a master’s degree in computer science, students can pursue the following professional paths:

  • Computer Software Designer
  • Data Analyst
  • Operators of Computers
  • Information Technology Consultant
  • Supervisor of Computer System Specialists
  • Data Analysis
  • Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Manager of Production
  • Project Director
  • Engineer, Software
  • Analyst Programmer
  • Research Analyst
  • Full-stack developer
  • Web Designer
  • Database Manager


Admission deadline for MS computer science in Australia

It is critical for students planning to study in Australia to become familiar with the admissions intakes and deadlines. Universities are strict regarding application deadlines, which must be met or the application will be canceled. Admissions take place in three sessions: spring, winter, and fall.

Admission admissions during the fall season, in particular, have a deadline between December and January. The online application process for the spring intake must be completed by February. However, some universities have year-round deadlines, so international students must apply early to get the best acceptance slots.


Popular scholarships offered by the universities. 



S. No Popular Universities that offer MS computer Science in Australia Scholarship Name Benefits
1 Australian National University (ANU) ANU Chancellor’s International Scholarship tuition fee reduction of 25% or 50%
2 University of Melbourne Graduate student scholarships $4,000 grant every year
3 University of New South Wales (UNSW) International students scholarship 15% contribution towards your tuition fees
4 Monash University International Merit Scholarship $10,000 per annum
5 University of Western Australia (UWA) Global Excellence Scholarship up to AUD$24,000



The MS in Computer Science is offered by many well-known Australian universities to assist professionals in keeping their skills current and relevant to industry needs. Job opportunities and permanent residency after earning a master’s degree in computer science in Australia make it a popular study destination. To study MS, international students must meet the qualifying criteria and admission standards. The annual pay of an MS graduate in Australia is roughly INR 57 lakhs, due to the high demand for computer science and IT specialists. If you’re a computer professional who wants to advance your career, a Masters in Computer Science in Australia is a great option. Not only is Australia’s technological landscape fast changing, but industry surveys also show that qualified computer workers are in high demand. More importantly, it is projected that demand will continue to rise, giving graduates with a variety of intriguing prospects.

Our hope is that this article gave you an overview of the MS in CS for those who wish to study in Australia. If you do have any further queries or questions, do reach out to our experts and get your study abroad journey started today.