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MS in Data Science in Canada • AdmitAbroad

MS in Data Science in Canada

Admit Abroad - MS in Data Science in Canada

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Data Science is a field that uses statistical and algorithmic techniques to derive insights from data. It has always been known that making data driven decisions leads to better outcomes. However, till around a decade back, collecting large scale data was a tedious task. Today, companies collect a wealth of data through their apps and websites. This has facilitated their ability to apply Data Science and make better decisions.

As per google trends, in the last five years alone, the interest for the term “Data Science” has doubled. This has been matched with an increase in the number of jobs available. In fact, the number of listed jobs for Data Scientists has doubled in the last four years. Therefore, upskilling oneself to pursue a career in Data Science can reap rich dividends.


Why study Data Science in Canada

  • High Salary: According to Indeed, the average salary for Data Science jobs in Canada is CAD 85,000 (Rs 51 lakhs). This is 56% higher than the average national income of CAD 54,600 (Rs 33 lakhs).
  • Plenty of Job Opportunities: Canada has the 5th highest number of Data Scientists in the world, even though its population is only 29th in the world. This means that there is more demand for Data Scientists in Canada relative to its population. The relatively high number of jobs, and the attractive pay is the number one reason why students choose to study Data Science in Canada.
  • 3 Year Post Study Work Visa: Students get a 3-year post study work visa on completion of their 2 years master’s in Canada. Students can then easily apply for a Canadian Permanent Residency and immigrate to Canada.


Opportunities after a master’s in Canada in Data Science Feild:

Around 80% of those who pursue a career in Data Science hold a postgraduate or doctoral degree. Thus, pursuing a graduate level program is necessary to kickstart your data science career. After a master’s program students may choose on of the following career paths:

  1. Continue their education through a PhD
  2. Work in the field of Data Science
  3. Become an educator in the field of Data Science
  4. Start their own company

By far, the most common option is to work in the field of Data Science. Here is a selection of jobs students can get after completing their Masters in Data Science in Canada (compiled from indeed.ca):

Role Companies Salary
Data Scientist Kraft Heinz, Facebook, Boeing CAD 105,000 (Rs 63 lakhs)
Data Analyst RBC, Electronic Arts, Mastercard CAD 87,000 (Rs 52 lakhs)
Business Analyst AstraZeneca, Air Canada, Capital One CAD 80,000 (Rs 48 lakhs)
Business Intelligence Engineer Amazon, Hudson’s Bay CAD 85,000 (Rs 51 lakhs)


Top programs for MS in Data Science in Canada and Eligibility

Most of the top 10 programs require students to have completed a 4 year undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Statistics or Mathematics. The top 10 programs for pursuing an MS in Data Science in Canada are:

University Program Tuition Fee Eligibility
University of Toronto MSc in Applied Computing – Data Science CAD 68,500 (Rs 41 lakhs) GRE Recommended (Average Score 326)

TOEFL – 93 / IELTS – 7.0

Undergraduate GPA – 75%

University of British Columbia MSc in Data Science CAD 49,645 (Rs 30 lakhs) GRE Not Required

TOEFL – 100 / IELTS – 7.0

Undergraduate GPA – 76%

University of Waterloo MMath in Data Science CAD 46,176 (Rs 28 lakhs) GRE Not Required

TOEFL – 90 / IELTS – 7.0

Undergraduate GPA – 78%

Work experience required

University of Alberta MSc in Statistical Machine Learning CAD 18,646 (Rs 11 lakhs) GRE Recommended (Average Score 310)

TOEFL – 100 / IELTS – 7.0

Undergraduate GPA – 75%

Simon Fraser University MS in Big Data CAD 23,400 (Rs 14 lakhs) GRE Not Required

TOEFL – 93 / IELTS – 7.0

Undergraduate GPA – 75%

Queen’s University at Kingston MS in Computing – Data Analytics CAD 40,200

(Rs 24 lakhs)

GRE Not Required

TOEFL – 88 / IELTS – 7.0

Undergraduate GPA – 75%

University of Calgary MS of Data Science and Analytics CAD 49,368 (Rs 30 lakhs) GRE Not Required

Eng Lang Test not reqd for students who studied in English in Undergrad

Undergraduate GPA – 75%

University of Ottawa MS in Digital Transformation & Innovation – Applied Data Science CAD 56,500

(Rs 34 lakhs)

GRE Not Required

TOEFL – 100 / IELTS – 7.0

Undergraduate GPA – 75%

Carleton University MS in Data Science and Analytics CAD 53,214

(Rs 32 lakhs)

GRE Not Required

TOEFL – 88 / IELTS – 6.5

Undergraduate GPA – 75%

Western University MS in Data Analytics CAD 52,110

(Rs 31 lakhs)

GRE Not Required

TOEFL – 94 / IELTS – 7.0

Undergraduate GPA – 75%

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Apart from the eligibility criteria above, students might have to take a separate skills-based assessment test. This test varies per university.

To increase their odds of selection into such programs, candidates should have the following profile:

  • A TOEFL score of at least 100 / IELTS score of at least band 7.0
  • A GPA of 9.0/10.0 or higher from a top tier institute (IITs, NITs, BITs, Regional Engineering Colleges etc.)
  • 1 high impact major project:
    1. a project that invents a new technique / technology OR
    2. a project that improves on an existing technology OR
    3. a project which solves a large problem which was not solved so far  2 Years of work experience in Data Science OR 1-2 Data Science related
      internships with high growth start-ups, large multinationals or reputed universities
  • 1-2 research papers published in national or international level journals
  • 1-2 victories in national / international level coding / development competitions


Application Procedure and Documents

To apply to a Masters’ in Data Science program in Canada, students must submit the following:

  • Undergraduate Transcripts: Students must collect signed and stamped transcripts from their undergraduate college and upload the same to the university application portal.
  • Resume: A updated one or two page resume detailing their education background and relevant work experience, additional courses or certifications.
  • A Statement of Purpose: A one or two page long document describing why the student wants to pursue a Masters in Data Science. Some universities might ask specific essay questions too.
  • Two to three letters of Recommendation: Two to three letters of recommendations by teachers, supervisors at work or clients that speak to the candidates’ ability to study Data Science / work in Data Science
  • GRE Test scores: The official GRE test scores if any
  • TOEFL / IELTS Test scores: The official English language test scores must be submitted to the university
  • Certificates: If students have pursued relevant credentials like online certification programs from Coursera, Udemy etc.
  • Work Experience Proof: If candidates have work experience, they should procure appointment letters or experience letters to prove their work experience. Candidates with work experience have a higher change of securing scholarships.


Scholarship Opportunities for Data Science in Canada

University Scholarship Name Amount Criteria
University Scholarship Name Amount Criteria
University of Toronto Lester B Pearson International Student Scholarship 100% tuition fee waiver Awarded to meritorious incoming students of the University of Toronto
University of British Columbia Master of Data Science International Scholarship CAD 25,000 ( Rs 15 lakhs) The scholarship recognizes a student who has demonstrated academic and leadership achievements in
their undergraduate or graduate program, field or industry.
University of Waterloo Scotiabank Graduate Scholarship in Data Science CAD 10,000 ( Rs 6 lakhs) Awarded to incoming or current graduate students at the University of Waterloo who will be or who
are registered full time in the Master of Mathematics in Data Science
University of Waterloo Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence CAD 17,500 ( Rs 10.5 lakhs) Awarded to incoming students at the University of Waterloo based on the strength of their

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