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MS in Engineering Management in the UK with low GPA / GRE ā€¢ AdmitAbroad

MS in Engineering Management in the UK with a low GPA / GRE

Admit Abroad - MS in Engineering Management in the UK with a low GPA / GRE

Table of contents:


MS in Engineering Management is basically a one or two-year course. It blends an understanding of engineering, management, and technology. As part of the course, the students upgrade their technical knowledge along with updating leadership and business skills. Generally, the Engineering management degree is a master’s degree accredited by ABET (Accreditation Board of Engineering management). The minimum qualification for admission to the course is a bachelor’s in Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Computer Science, etc. The best thing is the course allows admission even though you may have a low GPA/GRE score.Ā 

Let us read more about MS in Engineering Management in the UK and its scope.

Why should you choose MS in Engineering Management in the UK?


An engineering management degree from the UK holds tremendous potential. Here are some reasons why students give it so much importance.

  • As per OS rankings of 2022, three universities in the UK offer the course figure in World’s Top 100 Universities.
  • A Master in Engineering Management or MEM has a slight edge over an MBA degree due to its extensive portfolio.
  • The MEM course is for those who want both the technical and management advantage
  • According to demand and payment, the MEM course is number 3 in the UK.

Universities in the UK offering MS in Engineering management


Top universities in the UK that provide the Engineering management course are as follows:

Name of the University Course Name DurationĀ  Cost -GBP
University of Bristol MS in Engineering Management 1 year 24,000Ā 
Warwick University MS in Engineering Business Management 1 year 27160Ā 
Leeds University MS in Engineering Management 2 Years 28,000Ā 
Brunei University MS in Engineering Management 1 year 19280Ā 
Swansea University MS in Sustainable Engineering Management 1 year 19,050Ā 
Hull University MS in Engineering Management 1 year 17200Ā 
University of PortsmouthĀ  MS in Engineering Management 1 year 16400Ā 


Admission requirements for MSĀ  in Engineering management


To get selected for MS in Engineering Management in any reputed University, a student must have the following:

  • A similar bachelor’s degree in either Mathematics, Science, Technology, and Engineering discipline
  • IELTS or the TOEFL score to check your English Language proficiency
  • Some universities could ask for a Personal statement (1000 words), work experience details, references, and CV.

Documents that are needed for admission


The documents required for admission to an MS in Engineering Management are mentioned below.

  • Certificates and transcripts of academic achievements
  • Statement of purpose
  • Copy of passport
  • Recommendation letters
  • References
  • Proof of past work experience

Scope of the MS in Engineering Management in the UKĀ 


As we have mentioned before, MS in Engineering Management in the UK has an equivalent scope to an MBA degree. Top MNCs pick up students from these courses. The most common posts for which recruitment is done are:

  • Automation Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Ceramics engineer
  • Engineering account manager
  • Broadcast engineer

English Proficiency for International students


University Name IELTS score required TOEFL score required
Warwick University 6.5 92
University of Bristol 5.5
Leeds University 6.5 87
Brunei University London 6.0 79
Swansea University 6.5 79
Hull University 4.5
University of Portsmouth 6.0
University of Huddersfield 6.0
Middlesex University 6.5 87
University of Lincoln 6.0 79


What is a Good GPA and Bad GPA


In the UK, even if you have not managed to score a good GPA, you can do your MS course. Before we proceed further, we will share with you the UK distinction between a Good and Bad GPA.

Degree classification in the UK Percentage/Grade GPA
First class honours or very good GPA Grade A 70%+ 4.0
Upper second class honours 2.1- Good GPA Grade B 60-69% 3.3-3.9
Lower second class honours 2.2 Low GPA Grade C 50-59% 2.7-3.2
Third class honours 3.0 Very low GPA Grade 40-49% 2.0-2.6


Universities in the UK that accept low GPA


There are some Universities that accept a student despite him having a low GPA. Some of the well-known names are:

  • Birmingham City University
  • Bedfordshire University
  • De Montfort University
  • East London University
  • York St John University
  • University of Portsmouth
  • University of Lincoln
  • Leeds Trinity university
  • University of Winchester
  • University of Hertfordshire

How you can do your MS in Engineering management despite a low GPA


Getting a poor GPA is not the end of the road. Use the following methods to gain admission to MS in Engineering Management in the UK.

Mention reason for low grades- You could provide this information through a Personal statement or in a separate letter. Add a strong personal statement to leave a lasting impression.

Show subjects where scores are better– There is no point in feeling disheartened over the poor show in marks. However, you can share marks in subjects where you have performed better.

GRE/GMAT– If you have excellent GRE/GMAT scores to show, then focus on them. They will add weightage to your application.

Add other important elements-You can show any relevant experience, internships, expertise, and projects that you have completed before. If required, enroll in additional courses and mention their details to the authorities while applying.

Documents required with a Low GPA in the UK


If your GPA is below required level, you will have to submit the following documents:

  • Fully filled application form
  • A personal statement- Here, you can explain the reason for choosing the course, low grades and relevant skills, experience, etc.
  • Academic certificates
  • Copy of your bachelor’s degreeĀ 
  • A copy of your English language scores
  • Copy of the GMAT/GRE scores
  • X and XII mark sheets
  • Passport copy
  • Resume


Summing Up


Getting admission to an Engineering management MS course in the UK is not a mean feat. Fortunately, even if you falter in the GPA, you can get a seat in any reputed University in the UK. If you have any further doubts, you can contact us at Admit abroad. We have a trained counseling team to understand your reservations and doubts. Alongside we will guide you step by step to grab the prestigious Engineering management seat in the UK. The Engineering management degree is at par with MBA in the potential it offers. Join us so we can help you get through the course with ease.

Our hope is that this article gave you an overview of the MS in Engineering ManagementĀ  in UK with low GPA / GRE for those who wish to study in UK. If you do have any further queries or questions, do reach out to our experts and get your study abroad journey started today.