Popular Post Graduate Diploma Courses in Canada

Admit Abroad - Popular Post Graduate Diploma Courses in Canada

In the present scenario, the Post Graduate courses decide the future career path of a student. A lot of countries have varied disciplines and courses that brighten their career prospects. Canada is just one such buzzing economy. Its enticing lifestyle, quality of education, and flexibility make Canada a preferred destination for PG courses. At present, Canada scores high when it comes to attracting international students.

Alongside, Canada also offers the students a post-graduation work permit program. This allows students to start working as soon as their PG course is over. The fact that students can work along with their studies helps them gain financial independence.

Popular PG diploma courses in Canada and their scope

IT (Networking)

  • IT as a course offers immense growth opportunities. Totally technical in nature, students receive exposure in IT, networking, and its subset branches. Naturally, then even in Canada, this course remains the top choice.
  • Jobs – Once you complete the course, you can get jobs like web developer, data analyst, system technician, software tester, etc.
  • Salary – Mostly, the students pursuing IT receive a high pay package along with benefits like Stock options, paid vacations, etc. The average salary remains around 27-35 lakhs per annum.
  • Popular colleges and Universities – Some of the best colleges offering IT courses are:
Name of Course University/ College Duration of course
Post Graduate Diploma in Artificial Intelligence University of Winnipeg 1 year
Computer Systems Technician Centennial College 1 year
Diploma in Network Security University of Winnipeg 1.4 years
PG Diploma in Information & Communication Technology Douglas College 1 year
Software-Information systems testing Fanshawe College 1 year


Business Management (MBA)

Management as a stream is rather broad and includes many subheaders. The course is as such for those who want to understand the basic operations involved in running a business.

    • Jobs – Every company requires resources from the Management stream. Popular jobs you can look at getting are Business Analyst, Business Manager, Management consulting, Project coordinator, Financial advisor, and Marketing and sales managers.
    • Salary – Again, management has a very high earning potential. The average salary could range anywhere from  36 lakhs to  69 lakhs. 
  • Colleges –
Name of Course University/ College Duration of course
Graduate certificate-Marketing McGill University 1 year
Graduate Diploma-Business Administration Concordia University 1 year 
Diploma-Business Administration Co-Op Toronto School of Management 1 year
Diploma-Business Management Toronto School of Management 2 years
Graduate Diploma-Business Administration Simon Fraser University 2 years


Logistics and Supply chain management

Logistics and Supply chain are an integral part of any organization’s work. A PG diploma course would help grasp the flow of products from the suppliers to the customers. This is one field that would never lose its takers.

  • Jobs – A student choosing this course gets the opportunity to work in a firm’s operations, logistics, accounting, and finance departments.
  • Salary – This course has vast earning potential. The starting salary can range from 30 lakhs to 48 lakhs.
  • College – Only one college offers the PG diploma in this niche.
Name of Course University/ College Duration of course
Certificate-Supply chain management- logistics Centennial college 1



Healthcare requirements will never end. As an industry, it will continue to grow. Nurses form a critical element of the Healthcare industry. Naturally, the demand for its service providers is never-ending. Canada scores relatively high in the health index and offers innumerable courses for students.

  • Jobs – Once you complete the course, new vistas open for you. There are jobs in Hospitals, health centers, Old age homes, Rehab centers, nursing homes, etc. Along with you can join the Government health department and social services sector.
  • Salary – Average salaries offered in Nursing in Canada are 33 lakhs annually. They can, however, go up to 63 lakhs.
  • College – Have a look at the best colleges available

Name of Course University/ College Duration of course
PG Diploma in Health administration Western Community college 2 years
Post Graduate Diploma in Nursing practice Gateway college 45 weeks
Diploma in Health Science: technology and policy Carleton University 1 year
Advanced Health care leadership Lambton College Toronto 2 year

Agriculture and Environmental Studies

Environmental concerns are gaining a lot of traction. With this course, you can understand the regional and global issues affecting the environment. You also get to know the theory and practical sides of areas like crop yield, soil conservation, aquaculture, etc.

  • Jobs – With a PG diploma, you can join fisheries, research organizations, tourism, and forestry industries. It is also a good caption for those interested in setting up their own farm or orchard.
  • Salary – The salary offered in this case depends on your post. However, the average wage remains around 48-54 lakhs.
  • Colleges – Some popular courses offered are:
Name of Course University/ College Duration of course
Sustainable Agriculture Fleming college 3 semesters
Advanced Water Systems Operations and Management Fleming college 3 semesters
Commercial Beekeeping Niagara College 1 year
Food- Nutrition management George Brown college 1 year
PG Diploma in Fisheries and agriculture Vancouver Island University 1 year


Legal studies

As part of the course, the user studies the vast niche of Law and its associated niches. There are multiple sub-topics that come with this course, thus expanding your growth prospects.

Job – This course allows jobs at posts like a law clerk, legal assistant, paralegal staff, etc.

Salary – The legal administration jobs are not that well paid. But for the other positions, the salary range could be from 39 lakhs to 78 lakhs.

Colleges – Colleges and Universities that offer the course are:

Name of Course University/ College Duration of course
Graduate Certificate-Program in Paralegal Centennial College 1 Year
Ontario College Diploma-Law clerk Centennial College 2 Years
Diploma – Paralegal Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology 2 Years
Graduate certificate-Natural Resource/Environmental Law – Inspection, And Enforcement Sault college 1 Year


Biological sciences

Canada promotes the healthcare sector like no other. They have laboratories, research institutes, and pharmaceutical companies that actively need manpower. It is easy to bag prime job opportunities with such extensive practical knowledge. After completing a PG in this field, you bag internships in the R&D, innovations, and biomedical sciences sectors.

Job – In the beginning, the course will provide you with the stepping stone to enter fields like biotechnology, bioinformatics, health microbiology, food, and beverage processing, etc.

Salary – Highest salary offered remains around 66 lakhs. The average pay package derived could fall between 29 lakhs to  36 lakhs.

College – Universities, and colleges offering the course are:

Name of Course University/ College Duration of course
Diploma- Biotechnology  Centennial College 1 Year
Biomedical Engineering Technology Centennial college 2 Years
Diploma-Biotechnology Humber College 2 Years
Postgraduate Diploma- Applied Microbiology University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon 1 Year

Financial planning

Finance as a sector is quite lucrative when it comes to career prospects. This field includes capital management, Portfolio Making, Hedging, etc. Once you enter the field, there is no looking back in terms of pay and growth potential. 

Jobs – Here, you get offered many job opportunities. Some of them are:

  • Risk and Insurance managers
  • Financial controllers
  • Credit managers
  • Treasurers
  • Finance Officers
  • Accounting technicians

Salary – Highest salary remains around 58 lakhs annually and varies as per the person’s experience level.

Colleges – This is the only college offering a course

Name of Course University/ College Duration of course
Diploma-Financial Management The University of Winnipeg 2 Years

Tourism and Hospitality

Canada is at present a popular tourist destination and is promoted that way. The tourism industry here is thus very upbeat and growing.

Jobs – A PG diploma in the Tourism sector would provide you exposure in:

  • Events
  • Airlines
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Housekeeping
  • Transportation
  • Travel
  • Food and beverage management

Salary – Initially the pay package offered may not be lucrative. But with experience, you can expect to earn around 60 lakhs annually.

Colleges – Here are some Universities/Colleges offering the course

Name of Course University/ College Duration of course
Global Hospitality Management-Diploma Conestoga College 1 Year
Graduate certificate-Event management Centennial College 1 Year
Diploma-Tourism and hospitality management Mount Saint Vincent University-Halifax 2 Years


Early Childhood Studies

As part of this program, you learn how to tackle behavioral issues in kids and Youth. You can also pick up on essential life skills that the children should learn for future growth.

Jobs – After the course, you may work in in-service programs, community shelters, childcare centers, etc. You could open a childcare home, but after completing the requisite formalities.

Salary – The wage in this field is based on skills and experience. However, the figure remains around 16-20 lakhs.

Colleges – Some Universities and colleges offering the course are:

Name of Course University/ College Duration of course
Diploma-Early learning and childcare Norquest College 16 Months
Diploma-Child and Youth care Norquest College 16 Months
Diploma-Early Childhood education Centennial College 2 years




Canada holds a lot of potential for Post Graduate students. That is why the country welcomes an increased number of international students every year as well. If you want to know more about course prospects in Canada, you can get in touch with us.With our guidance, you will get a complete understanding of which course matches your interests. Alongside, we will show you the formalities that you must adhere to while applying for the course of your choice.

Our hope is that this article gave you an overview of PG Diploma courses who wish to study in Canada. If you do have any further queries, do reach out to our experts and get your study abroad journey started today.