Pre Departure Assistance

Get all your pre-travel concerns solved by AdmitAbroad

With the university application and visa processes now behind you, the only thing left is flying abroad and settling down. While this could seem a little unnerving at first, AdmitAbroad is there to help. We assist students and make the transition smooth by delivering the following:

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1. A Travel checklists and flight booking assistance

We provide detailed travel checklists to students. This includes vital information such as
what to carry and what not to, travel weight restrictions and travel best practices. We also work with students to identify the best flight to book based on cost and travel time.

2. Connecting students our forex partners

When traveling abroad, it’s essential to carry some money in the currency of the country you will be studying in. We identify how much should be carried and then connect you to one of our forex partners so that you get the best foreign exchange rates.

3. Culture orientation sessions

These sessions are aimed to eliminate any culture shock that students might face. We train students on how to conduct themselves abroad, sensitize them to the culture of the country they will study in and inform them of the basic rights they have and laws they must adhere to.

4. A “First two weeks” checklist

Students are expected to complete formalities like getting a social identification number, opening a bank account and procuring address proof within the first two weeks of settling down abroad. We explain all this and more in the “First two weeks” checklist.