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Sample LOR • AdmitAbroad

Sample LOR

To the Admissions Committee at XYZ University,

I know John Doe ever since he took my course on Digital Signals and Image Processing (DSIP) 2 years back and completed it at the top of his cohort. After that I have worked with him on several research projects and even took him under my wing as his final year project guide. John has always come across as an intelligent and sincere student. His ability to grasp complex theory and his focus to apply knowledge to solve societal problems is remarkable. I believe that this combination of intellect coupled with empathy is what sets him apart from all his peers. Towards the end of the DSIP course, he expressed his inclination to apply his learning to the domain of Computer Vision. During our discussion, he mentioned his desire to create a system that would automate parallel parking in cars – as parking is a major problem in Indian metros.
What set his idea apart from other self-driving car initiatives was that he meant to build this system for cars that are already in use.

This was idea was great, but difficult to implement because it would require him to not only make the software, but figure out a way to integrate the prototype seamlessly into a car’s existing hardware. Even after educating him about how arduous this would be, he remained
unfazed, focused on executing the idea. Over the course of a year, he learnt concepts from electronics and mechanical engineering and combined this with his knowledge of Image Processing to help him with the research and implementation. After several attempts, he was finally able to take this project to completion by installing the system on a car and won a national level competition in the process too. In fact, the prototype (based on cameras and LIDAR) worked so well that we sold it to a major automaker that intends to make this a standard feature.

A year later, John approached me to be his final year project guide. This time, his focus was to create an image based search engine algorithm – an improvement on regular text based algorithms. Here he showed great understanding of the problem he was solving; apparent from
his clarity in defining the scope of the project. John focused on building the technology for consumers to get detailed information about the quality of unbranded food products in the unorganized retail stores of India. This again displayed his urge to build things that can help society at large. He used MATLAB and SQL databases to implement the project finally launching an app for the same. This app has been downloaded by over 10,000 people on the Google Playstore with an app rating of 4.7/5.0. Working with John was intellectually and emotionally gratifying. Multiple instances have reinforced my belief in his intelligence, persistence, attention to detail and ability to multitask. I would like to give him the highest recommendation – not only will he excel in your Masters of Computer Science program but will also contribute to research work being carried out at your university. I would be happy to provide more information about John’s candidature. You can send me an email at abc@pqrengg.com or call me at +91-9133847563.

Professor Abc,
Department of Computer Engineering,
PQR College of Engineering, University of Mumbai