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Sample SOP • AdmitAbroad

Sample SOP

Since the time I started my higher studies with a keenness for learning, the world of computers has fascinated me. My interest in Computers was piqued when I began learning HTML in the 8th grade and this experience led me to delve deeper into the world of writing code. Through college and my professional career so far, I acquired a more sophisticated coding skillset spending a large amount of time working with various programming languages and exploring databases. I would like to use this knowledge and professional expertise to build AI enabled smart home devices to automate mundane tasks. These devices will execute routine chores like cleaning, cooking, sorting email, setting reminders and scheduling appointments in “autopilot” mode to give humans their time back. My motivation behind this is to improve our society’s work-life harmony.

When I started pursuing computer engineering, my penchant for learning became a different ball game altogether. With every line that I coded or every SQL query that I fired, something within me moved along with the sparkling realization that I had found my calling. This growing passion motivated me to maintain a high GPA and work on difficult but interesting projects throughout the engineering program. My professors were happy to vouch for me enabling me to further my professional career and win research grants. I felt that I reached the epitome of academic excellence, when I won a research grant of USD 85,000 by the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research to reduce the training data needed for machine learning algorithms. Winning this acted as a validation of my efforts and reinforced my belief to keep learning and building a variety of skillsets.

In the final year of college, I completed the course on Digital Signals and Image Processing at the top of my class and decided to implement my final year project using MATLAB & SQL. The goal was to make an image based search engine to enable people to get quality and nutritional information of unbranded food products in the unorganized retail stores of India. While working on this project, I learnt how computer vision can be paired with cloud based databases to deliver a seamless data storage and data retrieval experience. That experience sensitized me to how computer technology could be used to reduce information asymmetry. I also worked on a system that automates parallel parking in cars making life for people in crowded cities a little easier. Through both these projects, I learnt how technology; and more importantly, human effort, can improve our quality of life.  The gratification arising from this was immense. Perhaps it was this feeling that led me to take the initiative of volunteering at Teach for India. There I taught programming in government managed schools to underprivileged students and it gave me a sense of fulfillment to see the results in real time.

After graduation, I decided to take up a job at ULP consulting as a Tech consultant to increase the breadth of my knowledge and imbibe the right professional experience. I worked in areas like ERPs, CRMs and IT Security and gained hands-on experience of working on defining client requirements, drafting the scope of work and planning resources. I also launched a project collaboration and workflow automation tool resulting in a rise of 10% in manpower productivity. I then went on to work with a logistics company where I worked in diverse areas. My team and I worked to repurpose our delivery system from a centralized one to one that replicates a chain like hand-off from one delivery executive to another. This system reduced delivery times by 15%. We also realigned the entire tech team of 75 such that each person would focus on a specific feature rather than a specific technology. This resulted in a feature rich mobile application that helped us evolve into a robust ecosystem for which clients were willing to pay a premium. These experiences made me more solution oriented and refined my analytical thinking ability. The results gave me the confidence of working on new technologies and aligning multiple stakeholders to a single goal and executing it well.

Throughout these endeavors, the burning passion of knowledge within me grew more in its intensity. I feel ready now to pursue a graduate program that gives me specialized knowledge of Artificial Intelligence. The skillset gained through your computer science program combined with my strength of being able to identify problems and solve them will enable me to achieve my career goals.

I am eagerly interested to work with Professor Ross Percell to collaborate with her current work on ‘automation of home appliances’ as it is congruent with my future career goal. I would like to use my previous knowledge of automation and the current ERP process workflow structure to bring out the finer nuances within this project and along the lines make it available to a large audience by using my networking skills gathered through various social initiatives that I undertook. Further, the complete structure of the program adheres perfectly to my academic and professional goals. Subjects like advanced algorithms and automation, artificial neural network based controlling of IP spoofing are no less than futuristic and extremely intellectually stimulating.  In addition to this, I found that community service and engagement is encouraged, and I would also love to be a part of the ‘National Campus Connect’ through the school.

My profile would be an optimal fit for the program at your school as I have the academic credentials as well as diverse professional experience to contribute at creating stellar work through research and projects that I will undertake.

I hereby wish to apply for master’s in computer science at your university. Thank you for taking the time to consider my application.

Thank you