Should an average student aim for Princeton or Harvard?

It’s better to end up with nothing than to have a low ambition. When the dreams are so high, there should be equal calibre behind it, the study abroad dream in itself is a challenge and should not be put under the lens of scepticism and low confidence.

These niche schools are looking for equally niche people. A school like Princeton or Harvard is on the lookout for people who are inspired with a world revolutionary idea and have the quest to life-long learning. A 330+ GRE score, a strong sense of community involvement and development, strong base of your chose major instead of an average GPA makes you the most suited candidate for an Ivy League school like Princeton or Harvard. Your academics constitute only up to 40% in this game, rest is dependent on recommendation letters and a fine personal statement. There is no one secret magical formula for getting an admit to these schools but the combination of all the skills mentioned above will certainly make a candidate more desirable. With AdmitAbroad’s superior coaching and admission consulting, the dream will be within your reach.