Study Abroad in 7 simple steps

The process of studying abroad can often feel long, and tedious. However, this complex process can be simplified if broken down into small, achievable steps. Before you start the study abroad process, you need to identify your short and long term career goals. Also note that many of these steps will overlap but the general order you should follow is as given below:

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The first step is to identify what you want to study. You need to identify programs that will further your career goals. While researching, it is important to visit multiple university websites to get a flavor for the programs offered. But don’t stop there. Delve deeper and read about what you’ll get to study in each program and what kinds of career opportunities students of those specific programs have after graduating.


Talk to your AdmitAbroad Counselor

Individual research is a necessary first step to get oriented in the right direction. However you’re likely to soon be overwhelmed. Once you start researching universities and programs, you’ll realize that each has different eligibility criteria, application procedures and program outcomes. What’s more is that often, universities offer different programs within the same field – adding to the confusion. Then there’s the whole question of funding your education. Don’t worry – we’re here to help. After a bit of research, just contact AdmitAbroad to set up a free counseling session. We’ll answer all your questions and set you up for success.


Prepare your Applications

Once you’ve spoken to your AdmitAbroad counselor, you’ll have a much better understanding of which programs to apply to and how to fund your education. Your counselor will then help you prepare all the necessary documentation required to apply to universities. This includes but is not limited to your resume, Statement of Purpose, Letters of Recommendation, Proof of finances and academic transcripts.


Apply to Universities

After your AdmitAbroad counselor has assisted you with all the documentation, you’ll have to apply to universities. In most cases, you’ll need to fill an online application. This application will require you to upload all documents and also fill in additional information like your personal details. Depending on the university and program, you might need to also need to interview with the admissions team. Don’t worry – our counselors will help you craft an effective application and also prepare you for the interview if any.


Accept Offers

Obviously, you only apply to universities and programs that you are interested in. This makes the decision of selecting from multiple offers tricky because to a certain extent – you’re interested in each of them! When selecting the right offer for you, AdmitAbroad counselors take into consideration 3 factors: (1) Quality of the university and program, (2) Alignment with career goals and (3) Return on investment. At this point, if you’re a strong candidate, your AdmitAbroad counselor will also help you negotiate a scholarship from a university that has offered you admission to reduce the cost of education.


Apply for your visa

You’ll require a student visa / study permit to study abroad. AdmitAbroad counselors will assist you with all the necessary appointment bookings and documentation. We also prepare students for the visa interview when any country’s visa process requires it. So far, not a single AdmitAbroad student has been denied a visa.


Fly Abroad

You have accepted an offer from a university and have the student visa. It’s now time to finally fly and pursue your study abroad dream. But wait – before you fly, you’ll need hand holding to get yourself accustomed to a foreign culture. To this end, AdmitAbroad conducts orientation sessions. These sessions ease the anxiety that students encounter in the weeks before they fly abroad. We also provide students with travel check lists to make the packing process simple and a first three weeks guide to help them settle down abroad.

Next Steps:

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