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What an SOP Constitutes • AdmitAbroad

What an SOP Constitutes

The precise meaning of a Statement of Purpose is not hard to decipher but often what rattles a student is the question: what must I include and how must I go about it? You must view an SOP as your best shot at personally addressing an admissions committee and should therefore work at making the most of this opportunity.

The drafting of an SOP is an important step in the application process as it provides every student a chance to speak for themselves. Every student is unique and hence no two SOP’s should be the same. Plagiarism is a serious offence and hence drafting an SOP needs a good deal of self-reflection, writing and editing from the student’s end to produce an impactful and honest document.

We’ve given a sample blue print for your SOP. Students must think about the points mentioned in each section below before they write their SOP:


An introduction paragraph: The introduction should encompass all information about YOU.

• A line about yourself

• Your educational qualifications

• Your work experience or internships (if any)


The main body: To ace this part, you must,

Have clarity about your long-term career goals

Know why you can achieve those goals

• Explain how the university and program that you have opted for will help you achieve those goals

Be able to prove that you can succeed academically in the program

List how you could positively contribute to your class at university


Closing Comments: Your conclusion must be impactful and convince the admissions committee of honesty in everything you have stated. You can summarize your reason for choosing the program and why you think you will be successful both in the program and after you get your Masters’ degree.

Once you have jotted down points for each of these headers you must convert these bullet points into compelling statements or arguments. For this process it is very important for you to know yourself and the kind of experience you seek in a university. You can get a sense of this by answering these questions for yourself:

• What are your goals? Do you want to achieve anything specific?

• How do your life and work experience help you achieve your goals?

• What makes you a strong candidate? Why must XYZ University select you?

• What makes you unique or different from the other applicants?

• Do you have any past work experience or internships in the domain of interest that can strengthen your application?

• When was the first time you encountered a liking for the subject?

• Did Any event/ obstacle that helped shape your way of thinking or your life as a whole?

• Do you possess any leadership skills or did some experience from the past help unearth the leader in you?

• Do you have any discrepancies or gaps in your academic records and how did you overcome those obstacles and emerge successful?

• Are you an analytical thinker or a creative problem solver? Can you demonstrate this with an event from the past?


By reflecting on the answers to each question above you will find yourself able to create a unique and exceptional ‘Statement of Purpose’ that will sweep the admissions team off their feet! So now you know, with reflection and sincerity anyone can draft an SOP!