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What the best universities look for in candidates? • AdmitAbroad

What the best universities look for in candidates?

“The best universities are best because they have the best people being a part of them’’. The best universities build their infrastructure in terms of the physical environment and academic faculty to advance their facility so they can attract the best students to let their organization grow.

Along with the precise criteria of looking at academic credentials and other non-academic background requirements, universities will look at an application from a holistic point of you. They will see how aligned you are as an individual to your future career goals, ambitions, in terms of your past accomplishments.

They will look at your personality attributes and see if it matches their culture, so they can enhance their university profile and also at the same time give you a culturally enriching experience.


A typical profile would include:

1. Inclination towards intellectual integrity and application of knowledge

2. Appetite for solving the most complex problems

3. Has a diverse background

4. Has a factual orientation with creative appreciation

5. Socially conscious

6. Adaptability and flexibility along with goal-orientation

7. Emotional intelligence


1. Inclination towards intellectual integrity and application of knowledge:

The student must show the ability to show ones’ independent thinking and implementing what they learn. This aspect comes into play, when innovative use of ones’ ideas result into thought breaking projects.


2. Appetite for solving most complex problems:

A student should be welcoming challenges as they lead to growth rather than being afraid of them. Each problem will open deeper understanding of knowledge within a particular arena and could lead to an unconventional solution which will result into effective use of resources in terms of time and energy.


3. Has a diverse background:

In this era, where boundaries are expanding into seamless opportunities, the territory of ones’ personality should be also so palpable that it could reflect different potential paradigms and adaptability for working with differences among individuals and turn it into shining assets by building stellar projects.


4. Has a factual orientation with creative appreciation:

The student should be a perfect mix of being rational and objective at something, as well as should have the ability to exuberate beyond the conventional realms and bring out most intangible ideas to become a part of tangible reality.


5. Socially conscious:

Along with all these lines, a university is looking for someone who brings out a dynamic social environment around them just by their sheer presence.


6. Adaptability and flexibility along with goal-orientation:

We do not live in a perfect world. Hence, the student along with his hard-working abilities should be able to adapt to situations in the present environment and not get stuck in any challenges ahead.


7. Emotional Intelligence:

Along with a high IQ, it is equally important to be emotionally intelligent to have better awareness and command over ones’ emotional world. If one has that, one can have an emotionally enriched world and self-motivation, which will generate passion towards achieving the goals and would also bring out high level of work- satisfaction.